Success Stories

If you’re wondering what we can do for you, or are unsure of how you can benefit, why not have a look at these student success stories.

Eamon Delaney from Kilkenny

Eamon is 38 and has two kids. For anybody that is considering returning to education, he has this advice: “There’s nothing to be afraid of. You’ve probably already been afraid of it for years so you might as well forget about the fear. Go for it, you’ve nothing to lose. You come out the other side so much better off and you won’t be afraid of it anymore. It’s not magic and it takes dedication but in the end it will change your life.”

Tony Moloney from Cork

Like many people with literacy difficulties, Tony Moloney, thought he was the only one. However, since attending adult education classes everything has changed. “Going back to education has inspired and empowered me,” says Tony.

Chris Carthy from Sligo

Chris left school when she was 13, just after sixth class. “I was just about able to write my own name, I couldn’t do anything else like read, write or spell, it was horrible”. But since going back to education at 43 all that has changed. “Now if anyone asks me to read I do, I read people their stars from the paper. And, it’s lovely to be able to read to my grandkid, although sometimes he tells me if I’ve got part of the story wrong.”

Gerardine Dunphy from Meath

Having left school at the age of 14 and with a life devoted to family, Geraldine has always put others ahead of herself. But three years ago she made the brave decision to return to education. “When I went to school the norm wasn’t that you go to college, most dropped out in 4th year. But now that I’m back I want to bag this confidence and hold onto it. I’m loving it, the whole experience”.

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